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AdSense Requirements For Blogger - [Update 2024]

AdSense Requirements For Blogger, What are google AdSense requirements? which AdSense is required for blogger? Minimum traffic for AdSense approval.

AdSense Requirements For Blogger - Intro

Are you looking for the AdSense Requirements For Blogger? Don't worry! Today we will discuss in detail AdSense Requirements For Blogger. Nowadays blogger is one of the Most Popular CMS and you can start blogging with blogger CMS very easily. Most people especially newbee's are always starting their blogging career with blogger and make money online with Google AdSense Approval. Why do they choose Blogger for AdSense? The main reason is: that blogger is free of cost for unlimited hosting.

What we will discuss today about AdSense Requirements For Bloggers?

AdSense Requirements For Bloggers

Now we will discuss all the AdSense Requirements For Blogger. If you are planning to start your career on blogging, then we always recommend you to start with Blogger or Blogspot. Because in blogger, you can start blogging without investment, especially for the hosting. You can use unlimited hosting here free of cost. As per our personal experience, getting Google AdSense Approval is easier than other CMS. So, What are the minimum requirements for AdSense approval? Let's see in detail one by one.

Minimum Traffic For Adsense Approval

There is no compulsory to have minimum traffic to get AdSense. But we always recommend having a minimum of 300 to 500 regular organic traffic on your blog website before applying for AdSense. Regarding the minimum traffic, we have discussed in detail here: Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval. You will be surprised that we have got AdSense approval with 0 visitors.

How Many Blog Posts Required For AdSense Approval?

There is no specific quantity of blog posts to have on the website to get AdSense. So, How Many Blog Posts Are Required For AdSense Approval? Google always likes Original Content and Interesting content, not the quantity of articles. Industry Experts always suggest having a minimum of 15 to 20 unique articles before proceeding to apply for the AdSense.

What are the minimum requirements for AdSense approval?

Google AdSense Approval depends on different factors and criteria. If you cover the minimum criteria eligibility, hope you can get approval soon. So, What are the minimum requirements for AdSense approval? We will discuss here in detail AdSense Requirements For Bloggers based on update 2024. So, let's start one by one in below:

Top Label Domain - TLD

Choosing the Top Level Domain - TLD It's one of the most important parts of AdSense Requirements For Blogger. In 2024, it would not be better for you to start blogging with a free domain or sub-domain. So, buy a Top Level Domain - TLD from a trusted provider like Namecheap or other reputed domain providers. Then connect this custom domain to your blogger website.

High-Quality Unique Contents

Try to publish a blog post of your own. Do not use any copyrighted images or other content. No copyrighted material and No adult content should be the main checkpoints of your articles. Because Google always likes unique and interesting content.

All of your blog posts should be at least 600 minimum words. 1000 to 1200+ words articles are always appreciated.

Regular Organic Traffic From Google

You have a chance to get AdSense Approval without any visitors. But Google always wants to show ads on those websites who had traffic. So, ensure regular organic traffic or visitors to your website minimum of 100 to 200 per day. We always recommend 300 to 500 daily visitors to your blog.

Choose The Right Blogger Theme

Choosing the right theme for your blogger website is one of the most important issues to get AdSense Approval. Because, most of the time, a blogger's website loading speed depends on the blogger's theme.

You can find some ideas for blogger themes here: Free Blogger Templates For AdSense Approval 2024.

If your website is in WordPress, then you can follow this article: Best WordPress Theme For AdSense Approval 2024.

In your blogger website, please ensure below-mentioned issues as AdSense Requirements For Blogger:

  • Simple to read for the visitors,
  • Stunning and professional look on the website
  • Well-structured navigation menu / Easy to navigate,
  • Always avoid unnecessary widgets in the sidebar and footer,
  • Device Friendly / Mobile-Friendly means responsive design and the
  • Super fast-loading website.

If you are unable to do above mentioned task on your blogger website, please let us know. We will help you to do those.

Clear Niche and Topic Relevancy

All of your blog posts should be related to your blog's niche. It will enhance credibility and trust, improve conversion rates, and also increase the engagement of your article topics. It will also build a strong relationship with your traffic and audience, and achieve long-term success within specialized segments of the market.

Basic / Mandatory Pages

To get AdSense approval, you need to ensure below mentioned necessary pages to your blogger website as a part of AdSense Requirements For Blogger.

  1. About Us Page:- On this page, write the goals of your website. Try your best to include your primary keywords on this page. This is to prove there is a real person behind the website. You can see our About Us page to get an idea.
  2. Contact Us Page:- provides visitors with a direct means to get in touch with the website owner, company, or organization. This is for addressing any inquiries, feedback, or issues from visitors. In your Contact Us page, please include a contact form so that visitors can feel free to write to you for any issues or feedback. Actually, it's for facilitating communication, building trust, and enhancing the user experience of your blog.
  3. Privacy Policy Page:- To make sense of a real business, include all legal information of your blog in the Privacy Policy page. Because when users know that their privacy is respected and their data is handled responsibly, they are more likely to engage with the article and website.
  4. Disclaimer Page:- Create a Disclaimer Page for your blog website which helps visitors for the website owner's liability for the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information provided. It states that the content is for informational purposes only and should not be considered professional advice.
  5. Sitemap Page:- Include a Sitemap page on your blog website that lists all the blog posts, typically organized in a hierarchical structure. It serves as a roadmap for both website visitors and search engine crawlers, helping them navigate and understand the structure of your website.

You can also include the Terms And Conditions page, Cookies Policy Page, FAQs page, or any other important page that is related to your blog website.

FAQs - AdSense Requirements For Bloggers

Here we have included some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the AdSense Requirements For Bloggers. We hope all the questions and answers will assist you to understand well. Let's see one by one.


How much traffic is required for AdSense approval in Blogger?

We always recommended 300 to 500 organic traffic from Google for AdSense approval in Blogger. But is not compulsory to have visitors. Because people are getting AdSense Approval with Zero Visitors too.

How much traffic can Blogger handle?

Blogger or, Blogspot can easily handle hundreds of thousands of traffic per day. People also say that it can handle up to 2 million concurrent hits at a time. So, there is no limitation of traffic in blogger, But if too many people visit your blog all at once, it might not work very well.

Can I get AdSense approval with Blogspot?

YES, it's possible to get AdSense approval with Blogspot .com, We have an experience several times getting approval with a blogspot .com domain. But we always recommend starting blogging with a custom domain connecting with the blogger's website.

How to get 1,000 views on Blogger?

To get 1,000 views on Blogger, publish high-quality unique content, do on-page SEO to your blog, do Keyword Research and write content with high volume keywords, and Share your blog post to social media.

We hope the below article will be more helpful for you:

AdSense Requirements For Blogger - Our Last Words

That's all for today. Do you need more queries for the AdSense Requirements For Blogger? If YES, then let us know by commenting. Thanks a lot for reading this article.

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