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How Many Blog Post Required For AdSense Approval?

How Many Blog Post Required For AdSense Approval? AdSense Requirements For Blogger, What are the minimum requirements for AdSense approval?

How Many Blog Post Required For Adsense Approval? - Intro

We know you are very much tired of getting the answer How Many Blog Post Required For AdSense Approval?. We think you have already published plenty of articles in your blog and trying to get Google AdSense Approval, but could not be gotten it yet, right? And that is why you are looking for the answer to How Many Blog Posts Required For AdSense Approval? Because, in 2024, it's not very easy to get AdSense Approval.

In this important article, we will give you the answer to How Many Blog Posts Required For AdSense Approval? So, let's start in detail one by one.

At a glance of How Many Blog Posts Required For AdSense Approval?

How Many Blog Posts Required For AdSense Approval?

Now the major question is: How Many Blog Post Required For AdSense Approval? The industry experts always suggest having at least 20-30 well-crafted articles before applying for Google AdSense. But it does not mean that you have just published 20 ~ 30 blog posts or articles and will get AdSense easily! because Google AdSense Approval depends on various factors. Some of the factors are like:

  • The uniqueness of your content,
  • Consistency in article publishing,
  • SEO-Frinedly Article.

Not only that, We think the best time to apply for Google AdSense Approval is when you have at least 20 or more standard-quality blog posts or articles. Also please note that Your content length should be at least 600 to 1000 words with good quality and unique content. Because you can not expect Google AdSense Approval with copy contents.

You will be surprised that, I have a great experience of getting Google AdSense Approval With 6 Qualitiful Article. Thoose 6 posts on my blog which were completely unique.

So, you should concentrate on publishing a unique article on your blog website to get AdSense.

AdSense Requirements For Bloggers

If you have high-quality content of your own and original, then it will be very easy for you to get AdSense approval soon time. Also please follow the below important factors and requirements for getting Google Adsense Approval:-

  1. Top-Level Domain: Start your blog with Top-Level Domain like .com, .net, .in, .org, etc. It's very hard to get AdSense with free domains, sub-domains, and other domains. You must ensure Https with your domain Which is Free now with Blogger CMS.
  2. Keep Mandatory Pages: Keeping some mandatory pages helps to get approval the soonest time. So, keep mandatory pages in your blog website like the Privacy-Policy Page, Contact Us page, About Us page, Disclaimer page, Terms of Conditions page, etc. You can also keep pages like FAQs page, Sitemap page, and Cookies & Policy page in your website.
  3. Keep Minimum 15 ~ 20 Articles: You should have a minimum blog post of at least 15 ~ 20 which also must be your own. Write your blog post by yourself. Don't copy from others or anywhere. All your content must be unique. Don't use copyrighted content or images in your blog post.
  4. Organic Visitors: If you publish a unique blog post to your website, your article will rank in Google. Then Organic Visitors will come to your website. Google always likes Organic Traffic which also helps to get AdSense approval in soon times.
  5. Don't Apply AdSense With New Domain: Ensure that your domain age is at least 3 months. It's also an important factor to get AdSense. Do not apply for AdSense if your Domain Age is not more than 3 months. We always recommend a 6-month-old domain/website to apply for AdSense.

One more important thing you need to keep in mind is that don't apply for Google AdSense if your blog or website is not yet indexed in Google.

FAQs - How Many Blog Post Required For AdSense Approval?

Now we will discuss some important questions regarding the How Many Blog Post Required For AdSense Approval? So, let's see the questions and answers one by one.

How much post is required to get approval of Google AdSense on Blogger?

As experience from the experts, there are records of getting AdSense with having only 6 unique and qualitiful articles. But in standard, If you have 15 to 20 blog posts of your own on your blog website, you can apply for AdSense. Hope you can get approval of Google AdSense on Blogger.

How many posts are required for a website to get an AdSense approval?

Google always likes unique and quality articles. If you publish quality blog posts on your blog website and have at least 10 to 12 unique blog posts by yourself, then they are enough to get Google Adsense Approval.

How many posts or pages are required for Adsense approval?

To get Google Adsense Approval, publish at least 15 to 20 blog posts with unique content. Keep 4 to 5 mandatory pages on your blog website like the Contact Us page, About Us page, Privacy Policy page, etc. Don't use any copyrighted content in blog posts.

Can I get AdSense approval with 10 posts?

If you ask me: Can I get AdSense approval with 10 posts? In answer, I would like to mention You will be surprised that I have got AdSense Approval with only 6 quality blog posts. So, if you publish at least 12 to 15 unique and quality articles on your blog website, then you can apply for Google AdSense Approval.

How many words are required for AdSense approval?

Google always suggests and recommends around 50 original articles and content posts of about 800+ words each in proper sentences and paragraphs. But you can get AdSense approval with 6 or more unique posts of about 1000+ words. Please note that your website has Sufficient content, you have covered a wide range of topics which means Niche relevancy, and organic traffic from Google.

We hope the below article will be more helpful for you:

How Many Blog Posts Required For AdSense Approval? Disclaimer

Please, do not apply any unethical way to get AdSense approval. Always maintain the AdSense Program Policies. Otherwise, you may have to face Google Penalty. Then all your hard work will go in vain.

Another important 2 things need to make sure before applying for the Google AdSense Approval:-

  1. All the articles are properly indexed: All of your blog posts are indexed or not? You must ensure for index. Submit sitemap of your website on Google Webmaster Tools for faster indexing in Google.
  2. Your blog website have 15 to 20 Blog Post: Write your own blog posts at least 15 to 20 by yourself. Don't copy from others. All your contents, images, videos, and audios etc must be unique.
  3. Ensure 4 to 5 Mandatory Pages: Make sure that your blog website has a Privacy Policy, Disclaimer pages on the Blog. You must have a sitemap on your site with link on Homepage to sitemap.

If in case you have failed to get approved your first time, don't upset. Try to find out the reason for rejection. Wait and publish more unique blog post and re-apply for Google AdSense Approval.

How Many Blog Posts Required For AdSense Approval? Our Final Words

We think you have already got the answer to the question: How Many Blog Post Required For AdSense Approval? Do you have any more questions about Google AdSense Approval In 2024? Please, tell us in detail. We will publish the article as per your questions and requirements. Thank you for being with us.

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