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Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval

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Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval - Preface

Dear Friends! Hope you are fine and looking for the Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval and that's why you are here. After reading this important article, we hope all your confusion will go away regarding the Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval. So, let's start the discussion in detail one by one.

At a glance of Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval

Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval

There are no specific declarations from Google AdSense Support for minimum traffic requirements to get Google AdSense Approval. As per our understanding and realization, Google always suggests 3 Important Eligibility Requirements For AdSense:

  1. Unique and Interesting Contents: That means your own content. Do not copy content from other websites or other sources. All your articles, images, videos, and any other content on the website must be your own.
  2. Comply With The AdSense Program Policies: You should publish your own article by maintaining or complying with the AdSense Program Policies. Otherwise, your website will be rejected.
  3. At least 18 Years Of Age: Google always accepts applications from applicants at least 18 years of age. So, when you sign up for an AdSense account, please ensure your year date should be earlier than 18 years. Otherwise, you can not get AdSense Approval.

Minimum Requirements For AdSense Approval

What are the basic requirements for a website for AdSense approval? Google AdSense Approval does not depend on Minimum Traffic. Besides the Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval, you should also ensure below-mentioned issues:

  1. Top-Level Domain: To get approval for the AdSense, choosing To Label Domain is the most important thing. So, when you plan to start blogging, buy Top-Level Domains - TLD like .com, .net, .in, .org, etc. As per our experience, We always recommend the .com domain for blog websites. Also please ensure SSL Certificate with your domain.
  2. Mandatory Pages: So, What are the mandatory pages for AdSense approval? Keep 4 to 5 mandatory pages on your website. We always suggest keeping the Contact Us page, About Us page, Privacy-Policy page, Disclaimer page, and Terms and Conditions page on your website. If you don't have an idea for those pages, please search on Google. You will get more websites where you will able to create those pages free of cost. Then link your mandatory pages to your website's Homepage, Main Menu, and Footer Menu of your website so that the Search Engines can crawl it.
  3. Unique Contents Of Your Own: Before publishing an article on your blog website, please check plagiarism for. There are too many plagiarism tools to check plagiarism like Grammarly, SmalSEOTools, etc. Please, do not use copyrighted content, or images from other websites. Google always likes Unique and Interesting Content. So, write High-Quality Contents. As you may know the proverb “Content is King” helps you understand this requirement.
  4. Minimum Quantity Of Blog Posts: How many posts or pages are required for Adsense approval? There is no specific suggestion for the minimum quantity of blog posts or articles in your blog to get AdSense Approval. However, industry experts always suggest publishing 15 to 20 unique articles before applying for AdSense. But this is not compulsory. Because you will be surprised that we have a great experience of getting AdSense Approval with 2 or 3 quality articles. We always maintain one more important thing to publish articles on the website which is the continuation of blog posts.
  5. Minimum Words In Blog Post: We always suggest publishing the blog post with a minimum of words 500+. If possible, try your best to write an article with at least 700 to 800 words. 1000 to 12000 words articles would be the best and recommended by industry experts.
  6. Google Search Console: Before applying for Google AdSense Approval, you just need to submit your website to Google Search Console. Submit the Sitemap.xml file of your website to the search console. Ensure Robots.txt too. To add Custom Robots.txt, you can do it by using our Custom Robots txt Generator Tool.
  7. Pages Indexed: After submitting your website to Google Search Console, wait a little bit like 2 or 3 days. Then check whether your website or blog post is indexed or not. You can check it from your search console. Please see the below image for a better understanding.

By ensuring all the topics mentioned above, you can apply for Google AdSense Approval. Otherwise, you could stuck or rejected to get approval.

Google AdSense Approval Tips

How do I optimize a website for Google AdSense approval? There are some pro tips for getting Google AdSense Approval. Before thinking about the Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval, please ensure below-mentioned checkpoints exist on your blog website or not.

  • Do you have a website with high-quality articles with your own?
  • You do not copy any content from others, right?
  • Do you have published content with relevancy?
  • Do you frequently update your article?
  • Do you provide value to visitors?

If all of the answers to the above questions are YES, then we promise you will definitely get Google AdSense Approval.

FAQs - Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval

Most of the time, people always ask questions regarding the Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval. Here we have included some important Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ to clarify it more clearly.


How much minimum traffic is required for AdSense approval?

Traffic is not a mandatory issue to get approval for the AdSense. There are no specific Minimum Traffic requirements to get AdSense. So, you have a chance to get approval with 0 visitors or 0 page views. We have a great experience of getting approval without any traffic or visitors. But we had a blog website with good-quality content.

Someone asked me that: Is a hundred visitors traffic per day sufficient for AdSense approval? and How much traffic is needed for AdSense approval? I have suggestion him to concentrate on high-quality content, not on minimum traffic.

What is the minimum traffic required for AdSense?

As we said before, traffic or visitors are not important to get AdSense Approval. However, industry experts always recommend having a minimum of 100 organic traffic regularly on a blog website. But it's not mandatory.

How much traffic is required for AdSense approval in Blogger?

There is no specification from Google to have minimum traffic to get approval in Blogger. But 200 or 300 minimum organic traffic is recommended. But fake visitors are very harmful and obstacles in the way of getting AdSense Approval.

How many articles are needed for AdSense approval?

A minimum of 15 to 20 high-quality content is always recommended for AdSense approval. Each content must be original and your own. Try your best to publish an article of at least 700+ words. 1000 to 1200 words of content are always appreciated for AdSense approval.

But not only those mentioned questions, people always ask questions like:

and many more. But Google always recommends unique and interesting content. So, always write original content of your own to get approval.

We hope the below article will be more helpful for you:

Disclaimer - Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval

We don't sell or offer any paid service for Google AdSense Approval or Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval. We always comply with and maintain the Google AdSense Terms And Conditions. So, if anyone asks for paid service by using our name and fame, please let us know. We will take immediate action on this.

Please, don’t be in a hurry to apply for Google AdSense Approval. When your website is in a good state, then you will get approved.

Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval - Final Words

Do you have any more questions regarding the Minimum Traffic For AdSense Approval? Let us know by commenting below. We will reply soon. We hope your Google AdSense Approval journey will be fruitful. Thank you for staying with us.

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