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Image To Editable Text Conversion By Using Google Drive

Image To Text By Using Google Drive; How do I turn a picture into an editable text? How do I make Google Images editable? Powered By Imam Uddin;

Image To Editable Text Conversion By Using Google Drive - Intro

Most of the time we need to copy text from an image. Then we usually search this topic on Google or Youtube. But today I will show a very easy and simple way to get text from images like OCR (Optical Character Recognition), jpg, png, and many more. So Let's start with 'image editable text with Google Drive'.

Image To Editable Text Conversion By Using Google Drive...

How can I convert images to text?

There are a lot of online tools to convert images to text. Just go to Google or any other popular search engine and type 'image to text', You will definitely find much freer and more premium / paid tools to convert images to text. Choose your favorite one from your search list.

Know from Google Support page: Convert PDF and photo files to text.

How can I convert pictures to text-free?

To covert picture to text for free, please follow the below steps;

5 Easy Steps Of Convert Image To Editable Text By Using Google Drive

Image editable text with Google Drive; Let us follow the below 5 simple and easy steps to get editable text from an image, screenshot, picture, photo, etc.

  • Step #01: Simply log in to your Google Drive by using your email account.
  • Step #02: Then Upload your desired image from a directory.
  • Step #03: After completing the upload, right-click on the uploaded image in Google Drive.
  • Step #04: Then go to the option 'Open With' and then select 'Google Docs'. It will open in a new tab in your browser. Please see the below image for a better understanding:
  • Step #5:
    All Done! This is the Final Step; Wait a little moment to convert your image into a text or Word document. Here is the screenshot for downloadable file types:
Now your image containing text is editable and copyable. And also it is downloadable in MS Word Format. You can simply copy the text and paste it into your desired location.

How do I convert a picture to text in Word?

There are two easy and very simple ways to get a text or copy text from an image or picture. The First One is by online free tools and The Second One is Google Drive. I suggest my friends use Google Drive to get editable text from a picture or image. Because it is very much easy way. In this way no need for any other software to convert images into words or text.

We hope the below article will be more helpful for you:

How Can I Convert An Image To Editable Text Without Any Software?

You can easily convert an image of OCR, PNG, jpg, or any other format without any software. Google Drive is a very interesting and amazing way to get text from pictures.

Conclusion - Image To Editable Text Conversion By Using Google Drive

Thank you for reading this post. If you have more questions on Image To Text By Using Google Drive, simply comment here. I'll try my best to reply.

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  1. Hello Imam Uddin,
    I have read your article thoroughly. It is very good because we can convert image to text in a simple way at free of cost. We no need to do manual typing. Google drive is the best for this. But it is very important to edit errors after conversion image to text. In free services errors are more. SO to get the best accuracy we all need data entry qc software for error checking. Thank you for your valuable post. Keep giving us simple and free way to get more services.
  2. Hi Imam Uddin,
    You have posted a very informative article which is very important for nowadays. We all need to convert image to text specially for those who involve in data entry work. It is free so it is very useful method for conversion of image to text. But on Google drive conversion result dos not come well. Line ending is not matched. It takes time also. So who does not want to take paid service you can go for it but who want fast delivery with good accuracy you can skip this. Thank you again for this useful article.
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